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Mixxx is written in C++ and uses the Qt platform library for most data structures, graphics drawing, and window handling. Fortunately, Qt is easy to use and very well documented, so you don't need any prior Qt or audio programming experience to start hacking on Mixxx.

Besides creating cool DJ software and working with a fun team, contributing to Mixxx also looks great on your resume or CV. It's also an ideal way to learn about real-time audio programming, Qt, or even just hone your C++ skills.

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Development Cycle in a Nutshell

Mixxx Development Cycle


There are many ways to help out as a DJ:


We're pleased to offer Mixxx in many languages. Our translations are entirely community provided, so we need your help to spread Mixxx with translations into more languages, as well as to update and ensure the accuracy of existing translations.

You can help translate by visiting our translations page. To get help when translating, visit the Mixxx Localization forum.

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